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Wind is always a cyclist’s enemy, but never more so than when it sends the perceived temps well into the freezing zone. Our Long Finger Wind Gloves you won’t have to worry about losing control through finger numbness.

The major material used throughout the glove is the MicroWind Membrane, which is a mid-weight material. The exterior is a wind and water resistant shell that has enough stretch mobility that you will never feel like your knuckles are getting cramped or pressured when you are making a fist or grabbing the tops of the handlebars hard. The interior is made from a brushed micro fleece lining that feels wonderfully soft and insulates without the bulk of a ski glove.

If you’ve ever flatted mid-ride but had such cold hands you couldn’t change your tire, then you’ll want to invest in the type of glove that has been designed to protect you in the meanest, windiest conditions.