Who is Andy Lydic?

 I am a 22-year-old professional gravel cyclist, from Boulder, Colorado.  An athlete from a young age, I’ve learned from experts and professionals in many sports about what it means to be a professional athlete. To me, being a professional cyclist allows me the opportunity to push myself both physically and mentally and encourage those around me to achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives.  Professional cycling gives me the opportunity to learn how to master my passion, and grow my brand and interests alongside my own racing career.  I care about my community and the people who make me who I am, and honor the sacrifices that have been made for me to be where I am today.  I am an individual who loves to see those around me succeed. I make it my mission to grow and learn from those around me, and share my passion and knowledge with those around me as well.

 In 2023, I transitioned from racing full time road on the European amateur circuit to racing gravel at the professional level globally.  In my 2023 season, I raced UCI Gravel World Series races as well as other top level American gravel races.  I found great success through the season, picking up a win and a podium in the USA, and competed as one of the top U23 gravel cyclists in the world.  I culminated my season at the UCI Gravel World Championships, where I was the 1st U23 finisher making me the top U23 gravel cyclist in the world.

This year, I aim to defend my title as the top U23 gravel cyclist, and it is my goal to stand on the podium at UCI Gravel World Series events and other internationally recognized events.

 I have chosen gravel racing as my platform to pioneer a new pathway to the highest levels of professional cycling.  In the United States, the development pipeline for professional cyclists is incredibly narrow, and has diminished over the years.  I want to set an example as to what a young, determined athlete is capable of- regardless of when they stepped into sport.  Gravel racing gives me the opportunity to race against the best in the world, and test myself physically and mentally in long races that require not only the strength but also the fortitude necessary to succeed at the highest level of endurance athletics in the world.  Gravel provides me the opportunity to have fun in training and racing, because at the end of the day I love playing in the dirt.  Gravel racing is the future of cycling and professional development, and sets a precedent of the future of all sport with events that everybody can participate in and be recognized for their accomplishments. 

 Schedule -

1/26- Grasshopper Low Gap- CA USA

4th- Old Man Winter Gravel - CO, USA

7th- Worthersee Gravel, UCIGWS -Austria
12-14th- Gravel Iberolica Stage Race, Gravel Earth- Spain
20th- La Indomable, UCIGWS- Berja, Spain
28th- Gravel Fondo Limburg,UCIGWS- Limburg, Netherlands

5th- Traka, Gravel Earth Series- Girona, Spain
18th- Gralloch Gravel, UCIGWS -Scotland, UK

15th- USA Marathon MTB National Champs- GA, USA

6th- Kowtown- Kremmling, CO
7th- Silver Rush 50- Leadville CO
13th- Crusher in the Tushar, Lifetime Grand Prix- UT, USAJ
20th- Tahoe Trail XCM- Tahoe, CA
26th-28th Leadville Stage Race XCM, - Leadville, CO

10th- Leadville 100 XCM, Lifetime Grand Prix- CO, USA
18th- SBT GRVL- Steamboat, CO
25th- Garmin Gravel Worlds- Lincoln NE

8th- USA Gravel National Championships- Gering, NE
28th- RAD Gravel, Lifetime Grand Prix- Trinidad, CO

6th- UCI Gravel World Championships- Leuven, Belgium
13th- Little Sugar- Bentonville, AR
19th- Big Sugar- Bentonville, AR

January 23, 2024 — Zach Spinhirne-Martin

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