Posted by Robert Carbone

Coffee, food, bikes, beer, cocktails, ride, repeat and not necessarily in that order. Pedalers Fork is really a place that anyone can use, enjoy and make of what they will. It was created to have all of these things on a daily basis. Some people call it a club house and for others it’s just their favorite restaurant.

Pedalers Fork strives to put out the highest quality in all of their products. They work with local farms, small scale purveyors, craft breweries and artisan distilleries. In the coffee realm they are dedicated to responsible sourcing and finding unique coffee from Central / South America and Africa. Knowing the farms they are working with is a great pleasure that evolves throughout the year. The bike shop is no different and they are thrilled with the newest edition of their Pedalers Fork Super Corsa SL custom kit. The colors, materials and fit are all dialed and everyone knows who they are when they roll through their local roads and trails.

If you’re in Calabasas and you don't stop by then you are seriously missing out. And if you spend any time on two wheels it’s an absolute bucket list item.


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